Issue: 2016: Vol. 15, No. 1

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Contributions to this edition of China Currents highlight different aspects of the monumental and often wrenching changes sweeping Chinese society, some related directly to China’s engagement with the western world. Linlin Victoria Lu explains how Protestantism has become the fastest-growing religion in China, spawning tension between nationalism and cosmopolitanism. Donia Zhang focuses on Beijing and chronicles the destruction of courtyard housing, the gentrification of the city, and the move of upper-income people into Beijing and middle and lower income residents to the suburbs. Clifton Pannel explains why Macau is losing its luster as the world’s highest-flying gambling haven. Mark Akpaninyie, recently back in the U.S. from a stint as a teacher in rural China, writes about how rural schools are massively failing all but the high-performing students. Zhuo Chen’s review of Deborah Kowal’s book, The China-US Partnership to Prevent Spina Bifida – The Evolution of a Landmark Epidemiological Study, tells a more uplifting story of a successful, but not always easy 16-year partnership between U.S. and Chinese medical professionals to track and prevent a birth defect than can be triggered early in a pregnancy. And China Currents Managing Editor Penelope Prime provides cross-cultural insights in her interview Mitchell Kopelman, Tax Practice Group Director, and Wendy Lu, Tax Senior Manager, at Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP in Atlanta, Georgia, about working with Chinese clients investing in the U.S. We hope you find all of these pieces interesting, insightful, and useful.