Founded in 2001, the China Research Center promotes understanding of greater China based on in-depth research and experience. The Center draws much of its expertise from the universities and institutions around the region, working collaboratively across institutions and jointly with the public and private sectors.

The universities represented include Agnes Scott, Dalton State, Emory, Georgia College & State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State, Kennesaw State, Oglethorpe, and the University of Georgia, as well as The Carter Center.

The Center is a 501(3)(c) non-profit, non-partisan organization.  The Center relies on business and institutional sponsorship for funding, and partners with other organizations to fund events.  The Center does not accept public funding from governments.

The Associates of the Center believe that favorable U.S.-China relations will be critical to supporting economic development in the U.S. and greater China, and to promoting peace in the region. One of the foundations of favorable relations is mutual understanding based on knowledge and open communication. The Associates study various aspects of Chinese language, culture, history, politics, society, international relations, demographics, geography, the environment, the economic system and business environment. Our goal is to make knowledge and expertise available to a wide variety of constituents within and beyond our academic community, as well as to enhance our academic work via cross-disciplinary and institutional collaboration.

The greater China region is currently the center of economic growth in Asia. The People’s Republic has joined the World Trade Organization and hosted the 2008 summer Olympics. These events have enhanced business opportunities in China, and the incentives for Chinese companies to invest abroad. China’s growth and expanding role in global affairs promise to alter the political-economic environment in the years to come.

On the local level, Georgia has increasingly become involved with greater China through extensive business development, logistics via the Port of Savannah, study programs for Georgia students, cultural exchanges and tourism, and the growing Asia community in Georgia. Reflecting both these global and local changes, in the early 2000s, the Georgia State Senate committed to study the future relationship between the state and the greater China region to better take advantage of the new opportunities. Center Associates participated in that study and worked with a newly established non-profit organization, the Georgia China Alliance (, to promote understanding and ties between Georgia and China.

To date the Center has sponsored and co-sponsored many events. We have organized major business and academic conferences, and have participated in numerous workshops, panels and presentations aimed at disseminating insights and information about developments in contemporary China. The Center publishes an online journal, China Currents, with research articles, commentary, current events and information about study, business and public programs. We also publicize China related events on the Center’s website at

Annual Lecture Series Speakers
Dr. Melanie Manion
Duke University
Barry Naughton
Dr. Barry Naughton
University of California, San Diego
Deborah Davis
Dr. Deborah Davis
Yale University
Thomas Christensen
Dr. Thomas Christensen
Columbia University
William Kirby
Dr. William Kirby
Harvard University
Tani Barlow
Dr. Tani Barlow
Rice University
Martin Whyte
Dr. Martin Whyte
Harvard University
Perry Link
Dr. Perry Link
University of California, Riverside
Elizabeth Perry
Dr. Elizabeth Perry
Harvard University
Yasheng Huang
Dr. Yasheng Huang
Susan Shirk
Dr. Susan Shirk
University of California, San Diego
Kenneth Pomeranz
Dr. Kenneth Pomeranz
University of California, Irvine