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China Currents

A Journal of the China Research Center

Current Issue | 2022: Volume 21, Number 2

Editor’s Note

This issue of China Currents focuses on a broad question that has been long discussed and likely will profoundly shape the world in the coming decades: what are the implications of the rise of China? John Givens begins the discussion with a thought provoking essay that explores the question of why the world, and particularly the United States, has not better prepared for the emergence of China as a global power. This is part two of a series. The first — Is the World Ready for China Risen? — was published this year in China…

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China Ostrichism

China Ostrichism: Why Didn’t the World Prepare for China’s Rise?

The rise of China has been one of the clearest, most predicted, and most predictable realities in a century of international politics. Rather than the…

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Suresh Sharma Photo

Challenges of China’s Rise to Become a Global Innovation Leader in the 21st Century

A brief look at the parallels, precedence, and paradoxes Between 2012 and 2018, a few colleagues and I studied next-generation innovation ecosystems globally. We observed…

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The Roles of Tianxia and Westphalian Sovereignty in Understanding Relations Between China and Xinjiang

The “Xinjiang question” poses one of the most controversial issues for China scholars today. A significant portion of the region’s Turkic Uyghur Muslim population claims…

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Nanjing Skyline 1982

Deja Vu: China’s Relations with the West

The early 1980s saw the first glimpses of China's domestic reforms and interactions with people and economies outside China. This loosening was dangerous territory for…

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William Frazier

Doing Business in Shanghai: An Interview with William D. Frazier

William D. Frazier’s company, Shanghai-America Direct Import & Export, is based in Shanghai ( He is the author of Black American Entrepreneur in China: Connecting…

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