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China Currents

A Journal of the China Research Center

Current Issue | 2018: Volume 17, Number 1

Editor’s Note

This edition of China Currents covers an exceptionally broad swath of terrain, a reflection of the expansive changes taking place in China and their effects on the world. Stephen Herschler provides a unique contextual analysis of President Xi Jinping’s 19th Party Congress Report. Katherine Peavy takes us into the present and future world of big data, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence and explains how retailers in China are adjusting to coming changes. Michael Wenderoth offers insights into what seemed at first like an impossibility: a private, foreign-invested western hospital in China. Fei-Ling Wang zooms out…

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Exe-Xi-sis on Making China Great Again

Xi Jinping's 19th Party Congress Report Just after the 19th Party Congress in October, when a second volume of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts was published, I…

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Peavy Gome Walmart

China Retail’s Newest Inflection Point: From E-commerce to Omni-channel

Imagine this: Sitting in your living room in Shanghai or Beijing, you realize that the final Game of Thrones season is a week away. You…

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United Family Healthcare

How United Hospitals Continues to Lead in China: Reflections from the Founding Executives

Earlier this year I interviewed Roberta Lipson, CEO and Chair of United Family Hospitals (UFH). To learn more about the premium healthcare network, I visited…

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The China Order

The Rise of China: A Major Choice for the World

Students of international relations have long pondered the question of world political order and its changes. It is generally believed that either a shift of…

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Analysing Chinas Soft Power Strategy And Comparative Indian Initiatives

China and India: Comparisons of Soft Power

Review of Parama Sinha Palit,  Analyzing China’s Soft Power Strategy and Comparative Indian Initiatives, Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, SAGE, 2017. Because India is situated…

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