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China Currents

A Journal of the China Research Center

Current Issue | 2022: Volume 21, Number 4

Editor’s Note

This multimedia issue follows a format initiated early this year when we engaged three leading scholars in discussing China’s reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. In this issue, Dr. Andy Wedeman, Professor of Political Science at Georgia State University, focuses on Chinese internal politics; Dr. Yawei Liu, Special Advisor on China at The Carter Center, offers his perspective on U.S.-China relations; and Dr. John Givens, Associate Professor of International Studies at Spelman College focuses on Taiwan and China. We offer essays from each of the scholars and a video recording of a panel discussion moderated…

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Andrew Wedeman

The 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party: Sea Change or Much Ado About Nothing?

On October 22, 2022, Xi Jinping was elected to a third term as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Even though his elevation…

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Yawei Liu

The Centrality of the U.S. in China’s Quest for Modernization — Assessing China’s U.S. Policy After the 20th Party Congress

Historian Michael Hunt believed the relationship between the U.S. and China is different from all the other American bilateral relationships because it has been buttressed…

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John Givens

Tiananmen Squared? Doubling Down on Taiwan’s Status Quo

From mid-October to early December, potentially radical events impacted cross-strait relations between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People’s Republic of China (China). It…

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