The Carter Center Launches the “US-China Perceptions Monitor”

China Research Center
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The China Program of The Carter Center (CP), under the directorship of Dr. Yawei Liu, will use multiple channels to monitor and analyze American and Chinese perceptions of each other in various circles, such as social media, think tanks, policymakers, military, and academia.

The purpose of this initiative is to explore and share with both sides the root causes of misperceptions, so that decision makers can either make strategic adjustments or better manage and respond to public sentiments and policy interpretations. While rigorous perception analyses are often conducted through opinion polls, CP believes that it is equally important to follow key issues in U.S.-China relations and monitor the interpretations and reactions from public opinion leaders, business executives, government officials, and military officers in both countries. Such qualitative and timely evidence will aid in the mutual understanding within both the general public and policymaking communities.

Specifically, China Program will take advantage of its years of experience in online awareness raising, and expand its social media presence in order to better gauge public sentiments reflected on the Internet. CP’s new and integrated web site, named “U.S.-China Perception Monitor,” serves at the aggregate level as a bilingual portal for information related to mutual perceptions.

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