China Currents Special Edition 2021 Book Published

China Currents 2021
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Economic reform and development in China and China’s rising role in global affairs are reshaping the global system in the 21st century and fueling an unprecedented social transition within China itself. China Currents is a forum for thoughtful, concise articles analyzing society in contemporary China, published by the China Research Center at This printed Special Edition includes selections organized by topics from issues Vol.17, No.1 (2018) through Vol.19, No.1 (2020).

The Center would like to gratefully acknowledge financial support from our institutional sponsor, the School of History and Sociology of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Beginning in 2017, the Center is based at Georgia Tech and is directed by Dr. Hanchao Lu, Professor of History.

We would also like to thank East West Manufacturing and Project Success, Inc. for their support as Gold sponsors. Our dedicated editorial team includes Dan Williams, Stephen Herschler, Clifton Pannell, Shu-chin Wu, Betty Feng and Lisa Guthrie. The views expressed in these articles are those of the authors.

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