Podcast: 2020 China Economic Review & 2021 Outlook with Dr. Penelope Prime

Penny Prime
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In this episode  we have a review of  China’s 2020 economic performance and a forecast for 2021 with Dr. Penelope Prime, founding director of the China Research Center. Dr. Prime has 30 years of experience studying China’s economy, with a focus on topics including foreign investment and trade, industrial progress and provincial development.

We discuss China’s economic recovery from the pandemic and return to economic growth this year, and how the state government may handle a slowing in the economy next year. Dr. Prime also offers her analysis of the state of China’s economic reform and what’s to come from policies like the deleveraging campaign and dual circulation strategy.

Access the podcast here:  https://www.amcham-shanghai.org/en/article/2020-china-economic-review-2021-outlook-dr-penelope-prime

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