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China Currents 2012 Issue Volume 11 Number 1

Editor’s Note

Examining continuity and change in China is an endlessly fascinating pastime and a theme that ties together the issues explored in this edition of China Currents. Zhenhui Xu and Lee Taylor Buckley look closely at economic issues that loom large…

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China and a U.S.-Iran War

Negotiations about Iran’s nuclear program moved to a crucial stage in May and June of 2012. Unless Tehran accedes to international demands that it open to international inspections that verify that Iran’s nuclear programs are not designed to produce nuclear weapons, a pre-emptive military strike — perhaps by Israel alone, perhaps with U.S. participation — could well result. In the midst of this escalating tension, prominent voices in the United States are urging that China could play an important role in resolving the Iran nuclear issue and averting a potential clash between Iran and the US. and/or Israel.

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