Issue: 2006: Vol. 5, No. 1, Articles

Asia and China Opportunities Expand for Georgia Students

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Penelope Prime

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Dr. Penelope Prime was most recently clinical professor of International Business in the Institute of International Business at the J. Mack College of Business, Georgia State University from 2012 until 2020. She is the founding director of the China Research Center and managing editor of China Currents
2006: Vol. 5, No. 1, Articles
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Asia and China Opportunities Expand for Georgia StudentsNot long ago, Georgia students had to look far afield to get to China for short study courses. No more. Georgia’s state and private universities now have numerous programs with a wealth of subject choices for students. This past spring and summer at least seven different programs took over 100 students to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other destinations in Asia.

With a comparative development focus, Georgia Tech Professor and China specialist John Garver led a new program on East Asia hitting all of greater China as well as Japan. Organized around the concept of an “East Asian developmental state,” the 6-week program studied the development paths of Japan, Taiwan, Mainland China, and Hong Kong. Beginning with a week in Japan under the direction of Georgia Tech professor and eminent authority on Japan’s political economy, Dr. Brian Woodall, the program first studied Japan’s post-Meiji and post-WW II developmental experience. The group then traveled by ship to Kaohsiung, stopping en route in Naha and Ishigaki in the Ruyuku archipelago. Intensive classes were held aboard ship while at sea.