The Center Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

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Chinese Studies in Motion: Local Experiences in Global Perspective

A Conference in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the China Research Center

 Time:             Saturday, December 11, 2021

Venue:           President’s Suites C & D

The Bill Moore Student Success Center

Georgia Institute of Technology

225 North Avenue NW, Atlanta, GA 30332


 12:30             Coffee and Social

 1:00-1:30     Business meeting with CRC retrospective by Baogang Guo

1:30-2:45     Panel on COVID-19

Chair James R. Schiffman (Georgia College & State University)

  • Eri Saikawa (Emory), “What COVID taught us about air quality management in China”?
  • Rongbin Han (UGA), “The Covid-19 and Popular Regime Support” or “China’s information strategy on Covid-19”
  • Zhuo Adam Chen (UGA), “China’s Health Diplomacy: Before and After COVID-19 Pandemic”.

Discussant: James R. Schiffman (Georgia College & State University)

2:45-3:00     coffee break

 3:00-4:15     Panel on US-China Relations

Chair: John Garver (GT)

  • Yawei Liu (Carter Center), “Are Time and Momentum on China’s Side? —The Global Ramification of US-China Competition”
  • Dalton Lin (GT), “The Cross-Taiwan Strait Common Aversions Game”
  • John Givens (Kennesaw State University), “Panda Huggers, Dragon Slayers, and the American Ostrich: Why does the US prefer bluster over engaging or countering China?”

Discussant: Fei-ling Wang (GT)

4:15-4:30     coffee break

4:30-5:10     Works in Process

Maria Repnikova (Georgia State), “The Fragmented Spectacle of Chinese Soft Power in Africa”

Weirong Guo and Weihua An (Emory University), “Whom to Trust, State or Society? The Differentiated Trust in Contemporary China”







China Currents Issue Vol. 21, No.1, 2022 Published
China Events Clearing-House @ The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University