Dr. Fei-ling Wang’s new book: The China Race: Global Competition for Alternative World Orders

The China Race Bookcover
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In this book, Dr. Wang analyzes the China Race, the global competition for power and leadership between the US-led West and the People’s Republic of China. Considering the organizational options and optimality with respect to human civilization, he has attempted to discuss two alternative world orders: the Westphalian System of international relations and a centralized world political unification. Both are feasible and existed before, but with drastically different desirability. The rising power of the PRC state has consistently and methodically sought to recenter and reorganize the world to safeguard and promote its autocracy at the minimum and, at the maximum, to build a world empire. Examining the nature, aims, means, accomplishments, pitfalls and failures of Beijing’s foreign policy and the state of and developments in Sinology and the West’s China policy, Dr. Wang focuses on the existential PRC-USA rivalry and propose a holistic strategic framework, with three ranked objectives and a list of suggested shortcuts, for the West and the world, including the Chinese people, to manage, benefit from, and prevail in the China Race.

Published by SUNY Press.

The China Race is released first in hardcover: https://sunypress.edu/Books/T/The-China-Race.

Digital version can be ordered here for $37.95.

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