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Friday, May 31, 2019, at 12:00am – 11:59pm EDT

Sixth Annual Meeting of the International Consortium for China Studies

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The sixth annual meeting of the International Consortium for China Studies (ICCS) will be held at The Carter Center, Atlanta, GA on May 31 and June 1, 2019. This is an invitation to member institutions of ICCS to submit applications for presentation/ attendance.

This meeting will be hosted by the China Research Center of Atlanta, the China Program & the Latin-America and Caribbean Program of The Carter Center and the Institute of Developing Nations of Emory University.

The academic planning of the 2019 ICCS meeting is in the hands of a planning committee comprising Hanchao Lu (Georgia Institute of Technology, history), Miaojie Yu (Peking University, economics), Xiaobo Zhang (Peking University, economics), John Knight (Oxford University, economics), Lina Song (Nottingham University, sociology), Philipp Boeing (Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), economics), Yawei Liu (The Carter Center), Stephen Herschler (Oglethorpe University) and representatives from other hosting institutions in Atlanta. Submissions will be will vetted by this committee.

The 2019 meeting will focus on topics relating to “The Rise of China and Its Impact on Developing Countries”. We would like scholars to dwell on the central question of how the rise of China is influencing the economic, political and social institutions in developing countries in the world and if the growth of China in the past 40 years represents a new alternative for sustainable development that defies the so-called Washington Consensus.

We have a preference that there should be important themes which could be of interest to more than one discipline. Accordingly, without wishing to discourage any paper which fits the general title, we could have a particular interest in papers which would fit (even loosely) into one, or more than one, of the following themes:

  • China and Latin America • China and Africa
  • China and Asia
  • BRI and its challenges
  • China and debt trap, debt diplomacy and predatory economics
  • Soft power vs. sharp power
  • US-China relationship and a new cold war
  • China’s role in international trade and investment
  • Made in China 2025 and its pitfalls
  • Lessons of China’s 40-year of opening up and reform

Presenters are invited, where appropriate, to discuss the policy implications of their academic analyses. Each member institution of ICCS is invited to nominate one or two representatives to present a paper.

We request that you provide the following information to help with our preparation:

  1. For each paper: title, abstract (at least 200 words), presenter’s name, title and institution
  2. A brief introduction to your institution (unless this year’s description does not need to be altered). We will compile the entries and distribute a hard copy of the descriptions of all institutional members of ICCS
  3. A link to your official website (unless provided this year). We have created a web page for ICCS (http://iccs.nsd.edu.cn/), which will contain links to all institutional members.
  4. For each attendee from your institution: name, e-mail, short bio (unless provided this year), photo, arrival and departure dates.

The meeting will be held at The Carter Center in Atlanta. The host member institution (China Research Center) will provide lodging for two nights (May 30 and May 31, 2019) for those who do not have other funds to cover these costs. The host institution will also provide five meals for the conferment presenters.

We welcome a few scholars from other institutions to present at the conference but you will be responsible for your own lodging during the meeting.

Application should be submitted to The ICCS secretariat, National School of Development (Jessie Dian Cheng, e-mail: [email protected]) AND the Carter Center (Dr. Yawei Liu, email: [email protected]) no later than Monday, February 18, 2019.