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Monday, March 01, 2021, at 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Pearl Buck and China

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In this virtual talk “Pearl Buck and China”, Marie Toner, Curator of the Pearl S. Buck House Museum, will address the following aspects of Buck’s life:

1) Her life in China, from the time she went to China until she came back

2) Her writings about China, the Good Earth and other stories

3) Her as the third American author winning the Nobel Literature Prize and the movie “Good Earth” winning Academy Award for best film

4) Her activities related to China after she came back to the U.S., including her effort in early 1940s to get U.S. Congress to repeal the Chinese Exclusion Act

5) The meaning and significance of Pearl Buck in US-China relations

Marie Toner is House Director/Curator of the Pearl S. Buck House Museum, managing operations, the development of public programs, the curation of special exhibits, and the preservation and care of the contents of the museum and archives. She received her undergraduate degree from Temple University in Art History and a Master’s degree in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Contact Marie at [email protected].