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Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 7:00pm – 9:00pm EST

NCUSCR China Town Hall: Featuring Ambassador Huntsman and Dr. Chen on the economy via Zoom

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NCUSCR China Town Hall at Emory University: Featuring Ambassador Huntsman and Dr. Chen
Date & Time Nov 16, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Former Ambassador to China, Russia, and Singapore Jon M. Huntsman Jr. will be the featured speaker for CHINA Town Hall 2022, a national conversation on how the U.S.-China relationship affects our communities. From supply chains to national security, new technologies to climate change, the future of both countries will be determined by their relations with one another and the global community.

Join the National Committee on Wednesday, November 16 at 7:00 p.m. EST for a nationwide virtual conversation, including Q&A, with a leading authority on foreign policy. As one of few Americans to personally know Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, Ambassador Huntsman will discuss the ways America can cooperate and compete with China, as both countries confront the most critical issues of the 21st century.

The local event at Emory University will be hosted by Dr. Bin Xu, Associate Professor of Sociology at Emory.

The event will feature Dr. Kaiji Chen, Associate Professor of Economics at Emory, who will discuss “China’s Macoeconomy: Past Present and Future.” Here’s the abstract of his talk:
Abstract: For the past four decades, spectacular economic growth driven by economic reforms has been the hallmark of China. Since 1978, China’s real GDP has grown at an average rate of 10% until its slowdown in recent years. How did China’s economic reforms in various stages contribute to its sustained growth? Why has the government maintained some policy distortions while removing others during the reform process? What is the economic rationale for active government policies to influence allocations of capital and labor to certain sectors of the economy? What are the tradeoffs between active government interventions and long-run perspectives of China’s macroeconomy?

Register here: https://emory.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEkdOytrTMoGNFvw3YQHvquZ3If46cLgjr4