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Editor’s Note

2017: Volume 16, Number 1
1. Intellectual Property Right Challenges and Opportunities in China and U.S.: An Interview with Dr. Lei Fang
2. What China’s ‘export machine’ can teach Trump about globalization
3. Advertising in China
4. Why Giving is Harder than Earning: Philanthropy in China
5. India and the Emerging Sino-Iranian Partnership
6. New Challenges for Xi Jinping’s Anti-corruption Crackdown?
7. Editor’s Note
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This issue of China Currents covers a wide range of timely issues.  Andy Wedeman’s piece analyzes China’s protracted anti-corruption campaign led by President Xi.  While many analysts had expected the campaign to wind down by now, there is reason to believe that it may continue and even escalate. John Garver writes on Indian-Chinese rivalry as reflected in the two countries’ dealings with Iran. Yong Lu introduces us to the growing “industry” of philanthropy in China and the government’s response – the first law covering non-profits. Based on her new book, Hongmei Li traces the development of advertising in China. Penelope Prime argues that China’s development is largely the result of global connections and that walking away from global markets would not be productive.  Finally, Dr. Prime interviews Dr. Lei Fang about intellectual property rights in China and the trend for Chinese companies to invest in IP in the U.S.

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