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Current Issue | 2016: Volume 15, Number 2

Editor’s Note

The articles in this edition of China Currents shed light on some major economic and political challenges to China’s continuing transformation and development, both by examining specific issues and by reflecting on Chinese history. Michael Wenderoth looks at the hot topic of innovation in China, which some regard as essential for China’s continued advancement. Wenderoth argues that Western companies shouldn’t focus on innovation of specific projects, but rather adopt “design thinking.” Paul Foster turns to Chinese politics and demonstrates how Xi Jinping is adapting hip-hop culture in an effort to consolidate power and expand China’s…

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Employ “Design Thinking With Chinese Characteristics”

Employ “Design Thinking with Chinese Characteristics”

Introduction Western executives are accustomed to long, deliberate planning cycles to research, develop, and launch products in their mature home markets.  Many of them find…

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Xi Jinping’s Soft Power Martial Arts Cultural Trope

Xi Jinping’s Soft Power Martial Arts Cultural Trope

Rap propaganda is the latest manifestation of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s campaign to consolidate power using soft culture tropes to massage his image with audiences…

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China Rules The World?

China Rules the World?

The photo depicts Prime Minister Manmohan Singh meeting President Hu Jintao in 2006, and is from TV footage from Times Now in India.  This photo…

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Manifesto Of China’s Reformers:  David Shambaugh’s China’s Future?

Manifesto of China’s Reformers: David Shambaugh’s China’s Future?

A review of China’s Future? David Shambaugh, London:  Polity Press, 2016. John W. Garver, Emeritus Professor Georgia Institute of Technology A leading U.S. authority on…

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Assignment China: An Interview With Mike Chinoy

Assignment China: An Interview with Mike Chinoy

Center Director, Penelope Prime, talked with former CNN correspondent, Mike Chinoy, via Skype on April 15, 2016, about his recent project on the process of…

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