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Current Issue | 2016: Volume 15, Number 1

Editor's Note

Contributions to this edition of China Currents highlight different aspects of the monumental and often wrenching changes sweeping Chinese society, some related directly to China’s engagement with the western world. Linlin Victoria Lu explains how Protestantism has become the fastest-growing religion in China, spawning tension between nationalism and cosmopolitanism. Donia Zhang focuses on Beijing and chronicles the destruction of courtyard housing, the gentrification of the city, and the move of upper-income people into Beijing and middle and lower income residents to the suburbs. Clifton Pannel explains why Macau is losing its luster as the world’s…

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Protestant Christianity In The People’s Republic

Protestant Christianity in the People’s Republic

The history of Christianity in China is a remarkable tale of the encounters between two very different civilizations and of how a foreign religion survived,…

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Chinese Courtyard Housing Under Socialist Market Economy

Chinese Courtyard Housing under Socialist Market Economy

The Fall of Chinese Courtyard Houses China’s rapid economic growth coupled with an unprecedented level of real estate development have resulted in an almost wholesale…

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Macau: New Challenges Test The City’s Prospects

Macau: New challenges test the city's prospects

Macau, first established in 1557 and the oldest former European colony in East Asia, is again facing challenges to its recently established status as the…

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Rural China’s Fallen Children

Rural China’s Fallen Children

China has amazed the world once again, not with economic growth, but with the closing of its education gap. There has been tremendous transformation in…

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Review Of The China-US Partnership To Prevent Spina Bifida

Review of The China-US partnership to Prevent Spina Bifida

Let me say it right here: The China-US Partnership to Prevent Spina Bifida – The Evolution of a Landmark Epidemiological Study, by Deborah Kowal, is…

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Chinese Investment In The U.S.: An Interview With HA&W

Chinese Investment in the U.S.: An Interview with HA&W

Chinese Companies Invest in the U.S.: Cross-Cultural Challenges from a Tax Consulting Perspective Center Director, Penelope Prime, spoke with Mitchell Kopelman, Tax Practice Group Director,…

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