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China Currents Special Edition 2017




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Table of Contents


History and Society

Protestant Christianity in the People’s Republic of China

Linlin Victoria Lu

Why Giving is Harder than Earning: philanthropy in China

Yong Lu

Rural China’s Fallen Children

Mark Akpaninyie

Review of the China-U.S. Partnership to Prevent Spina Bifida

Zhuo (Adam) Chen

Beijing United Hospital

Michael C. Wenderoth

U.S.-China Education Relations: past, present, and future

Mary Brown Bullock

Chinese Courtyard Housing under Socialist Market Economy

Donia Zhang

Assignment China: an interview with Mike Chinoy

Penelope B. Prime

An Interview with Filmakers Adam James Smith and Song Ting

Penelope B. Prime

Economic and Business

What China’s ‘Export Machine’ Can Teach Trump About Globalization

Penelope B. Prime

Employ “Design inking with Chinese Characteristics”

Michael C. Wenderoth

Responsible Sourcing Standards and Social Accountability: are they possible in a global supply chain?

Katherine Peavy

Fast Fashion and the Pursuit of a Global Market

Nancy Medcalf

Mobile Technology in China: a transformation of the payments industry

Vijaya Subrahmanyam, Juan Feng, Murthy Nyayapati

Advertising in China

Hongmei Li

Macau: new challenges test the city’s prospects

Clifton W. Pannell

Shanghai FTZ: expectations have never been aligned with reality

David Risman

Intellectual Property Right Challenges and Opportunities in China and U.S.: an interview with Dr. Lei Fang

Penelope B. Prime

Politics and International Relations

New Challenges for Xi Jinping’s Anti-corruption Crackdown?

Andy Wedeman

Xi Jinping’s Soft Power Martial Arts Cultural Trope

Paul Foster

Will All Roads Lead to Beijing? Risks and Challenges in China’s “Belt” and “Road” Plan

Yawei Liu

Dealing with China: an Indian perspective

K.S. Kalha

India and the Emerging Sino-Iranian Partnership

John W. Garver

China and the Iran Model

John W. Garver

China Rules the World?

John W. Garver

Manifesto of China’s Reformers: David Shambaugh’s China’s future?

John W. Garver

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