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Wednesday, November 01, 2023, at 12:00am – 11:59pm EDT

What Does China Want?

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The question of what Xi Jinping’s China wants — the scope of its ambitions, the short- and long-term goals that it has set, the vision that guides its ruling elites — is at once the most foundational, most intractably difficult, and most hotly contested question that outside observers and Chinese elites themselves are asking. How that question is answered in universities and think tanks, in boardrooms, and in national capitals fundamentally shapes approaches and policies toward China at every level. Read less…

“What does China want” can, after all, be asked at multiple levels. Globally, is China a revisionist power, bent on overturning the “rules-based international order,” or is it a selective revisionist that wants multinational institutions to better reflect new realities? Does China seek to export its governance model, or is it just trying to “make the world safe for autocracy”? What should we make of its new global initiatives — in security, in development, even in civilization? Or of its diplomatic forays into the Middle East and the war in Ukraine? What role does China see for its private sector, or for foreign enterprise and capital? And what kind of society does China itself hope to become? As its economic growth appears to falter, does Beijing have new performance metrics, a new basis for political legitimacy, to succeed after the long reign of GDP? What are the implications for the climate, or for human rights? And what will this mean for China’s society and for Chinese politics? Join us at NEXTChina 2023 as we convene some of the finest minds in the field for in-depth explorations of the most urgent and consequential issues facing China and the world today.

Currently confirmed breakout workshop topics for NEXTChina include:

[AI] How China Will Integrate AI into the real economy
[Semis] Chips from CHIPS: China’s semiconductor ambitions

[Climate crisis] Climate Change as carrot: the global diplomacy dynamics of going green
[EVs] What’s driving China’s electric vehicle domination

Laws & Regulations
[Risk] The Rocky Regulatory Road Ahead
[Due diligence] Open-sourced intelligence in crisis: navigating China’s restrictions

[Private equity] Cracking open China’s Private Investment Scene
[Global investments] Strategic resource pursuits: China and its global investments

Human Rights
[Supply chain] Is an ethical supply chain in China possible?
[Uyghur Corner] Live talk from a Rayhan Asat on the State of Uyghurs in China

On the Ground
[Journalism] China stories: the state of journalism about China today
[Consumer] What’s NEXT for the Chinese consumer?

[China-India] China-India Borderlands: Charting a path forward
[China-Middle East] China’s great game in the Middle East

[Corp. Communications] Strategies for Crisis Preparedness and Response in the Chinese Market
[Healthcare] Outlook for healthcare provider market in China