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Guangchen Chen

Emory University
Assistant Professor of Chinese Literature

Guangchen Chen (陳廣琛) is Assistant Professor of Chinese Literature at Emory University. He holds a PhD in Comparative Literature, with a secondary field in Music, from Harvard University. Prior to joining Emory, he was a member of the Princeton Society of Fellows where he taught across departments including Comparative Literature, German, and East Asian Studies. Working on topics broadly concerning the intersection between literary and material culture, he is interested in antiquarian collecting as a conceptual and methodological intervention into the formation of Chinese modernity. He is completing a book entitled Thing Lost, Thing Regain: Antiquarian Collecting and Chinese Modernity, which probes the intellectual legacies of Luo Zhenyu, Wang Guowei, Chen Mengjia, Shen Congwen and Lu Xun. His recent publications include articles in Harvard’s A New Literary History of Modern China, Études ChinoisesModern Chinese Literature and Culture, and Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews.

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