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Understanding Contemporary China

Featuring: Yawei Liu, Senior Advisor on China, Carter Center Guanming Fang Ray, Deputy General Counsel, Priority Technology Holdings Dr. Edward Yihuai Wang, Georgia State University Moderated by: Sebastian van der Vegt, Untold Communications Four decades after China emerged from Maoist…

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建立世界一流大学:中国高等教育发展展望 by Denis Simon

丹尼斯·西蒙在过去五年是杜克昆山大学执行副校长,目前是杜克大学校长的中国事务顾问。在过去四十年,他一直关注和研究中国的人才发展和使用、高等教育的国际化和中国的国家创新体制。在这个讲座里,西蒙将聚焦中国高等学府面临的挑战、中国高等院校在中国实现经济、科技和研发强国中的作用、中国高等教育发展面对的不断变化并对其影响和阻碍甚大的政治压力及中国与国际伙伴合作的愿望和程度。此外,他还将讨论中国大学自身科研的优势和缺陷及美国大学与中国在未来建立合作的可能与机会。 Dr. Denis Simon has just completed five years as Executive Vice Chancellor of a highly regarded Sino-Foreign joint venture university in Kunshan, China.  He has spent the last four decades working inside and outside of of the PRC dealing…

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Marie Toner

Pearl Buck and China

In this virtual talk "Pearl Buck and China", Marie Toner, Curator of the Pearl S. Buck House Museum, will address the following aspects of Buck’s life: 1) Her life in China, from the time she went to China until she came…

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China Event

The Rise of China and the America Response

For the past two decades, China has inevitably risen to be one of the global leaders in technology, economy, and international diplomacy. In response, Trump administration adopted a hard-liner approach by imposing heavier tariffs on China and condemning China for…

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Georgia-China CEO Forum: Defying Decoupling

A trade war, a presidential transition, techno-nationalism, and divergent paths on COVID-19 have disrupted U.S.-China ties, but are they doomed to decouple? Join Global Atlanta and Georgia State University Center for International Business Education and Research as we glean insights from Georgia-based executives whose…

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