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Editor’s Note

2020: Volume 19, Number 3
1. Editor’s Note
2. Scholars or Spies? U.S.-China Tension in Academic Collaboration
3. A Relationship on a Pipeline: China and Myanmar
4. Business Angels’ Investment Strategies and Organizational Change in China
5. Hongqi: from Mao to Xi
6. Some Unanswered Questions About the Shanghai Jewish Experience
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This issue of China Currents features an eclectic mix of topics that would capture more of our attention if the world were not obsessed with the coronavirus pandemic. In that world, U.S.-China relations are not expected to markedly improve, whoever wins the U.S. presidency. In our lead article, John Krige tracks how deteriorating U.S.-China ties have upended cooperation in academic research. Neslihan Topcu explores the increasingly important role Myanmar is playing in satisfying China’s energy needs. Jiani Wang and William Scheela offer an overview of angel investing in China. Edward Yihuai Wang excavates the little known but fascinating history of the state-owned company that produced the Hongqi, the emblematic, bullet-proof limousine of the Maoist era that could go for miles with its tires shot out. And finally, Jonathan Goldstein raises unanswered historical questions about the Jewish community of Shanghai.

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